Our very first client was a charming 25-year-old from China who owned a sushi joint.

We gave him a look, a feel, and a boatload of cool.  One month later he sees a 30% traffic increase. Then he decides to move back to China. The new buyers of his restaurant remember his ads as “effing awesome.”  

He makes a 50% profit in 3 years.

Because of the ads?  In our minds, of course.



This start up from Portland found us to help them launch their new water bottle.

It has a patented lid with two ways to drink.

Product design, logo development, brand identity, messaging, advertising, product photography, web site, crowd funding, packaging, Chinese manufacturing…

You name it, we’re a part of it.



One of the fastest-rising business schools in the nation asked us to help with their brand identity.

We developed a new positioning around the real-world, real-experience, entrepreneurial approach the David Eccles School of Business is bringing to its entire curriculum.

Including a new theme. And a clear Call-To-Action for the kinds of students and faculty they wish to attract.



A local franchisee for FREEB!RDS World Burrito asked for help.

Our first ads get a click-through rate over 50 TIMES the national average.

Their CEO calls, and we’re signed as an Agency Of Record for Strategy and Creative – less than 6 weeks after opening our doors. We’re now doing their TV, OOH, social media, in-restaurant marketing and more.

The work is now running on all these major networks:


Oh... and same store sales grew 40%.



So, out of the blue we contact one of the hottest startups around, Allbirds, from San Francisco and New Zealand.  

These sustainable shoes have been touted as “the world’s most comfortable shoe” by FAST COMPANY,  WIRED,  and TIME.  But their marketing, in our minds, was in need of some attitude.

So we sent them some.

The founder called the very next day, wanting to talk.


Our students felt powerless in the wake of the changing immigration laws of this country.

So they decided to write a letter.  To the whole world.  And put it on film.

The Huffington Post picked it up and wrote a wonderful endorsement.



We were asked to pitch electric bikes to college students.

“Aren’t those for old Germans who can’t pedal uphill?” we ask. “Yes, what’s your point?” they answer.  Okay...

We did some work that’s really fun, running all over campus, in transit, and online.

Over $250,000 worth of bikes sold in 7 weeks.  Yes... $250,000.

A staggering 12,500% ROI.

Go figure. 



A vast amount of recycling never gets recycled because food is thrown in with the recycling.

So, we attacked the problem right when it happens – putting colorful messages on trash and recycle bins, and on scoreboard video screens at arenas – so you see them right after eating.

We said “Hey, you just had some tasty food, please take a moment and separate your trash and recycling.”

But we said it a little stronger than that.



Planned Parenthood and their agency McCann asked for our thinking.

There was a time, before Planned Parenthood, when family planning and women's health issues were often an underground, unsafe place.

Without proper funding, we could be headed back there.

And there are countless examples of why we should never, ever go back.



A small non-profit was looking to promote an unusual cause: preparing for end-of-life care.

We created a series of real-life films highlighting the need for families to talk about this uncomfortable topic.  And avoid the extraordinary mistakes most of us make for the last years of our lives.

We decided to speak to the children of the elderly with a unique premise:

Your parents had the awkward “Talk” with you about sex.

It’s time for you to have “The Talk” again… with them.



University of Utah Health asked us to help with their first rebrand in 25 years.

We were part of their new logo, identity, positioning, and even gave them a cool new business idea to differentiate their Health Plans from every other insurer in the market.



So, this college news organization has been creating award-winning journalism for over 100 years.

But, most students didn’t know about it. And the few that did, thought it wasn’t for them.

Sounds like a classic awareness problem.


Photo: Parker Gibbons

Talented photographers and film makers?  Yeah, we got that.


Design/Art Direction: Cooper Ferrario

Cool design?  Logos?  Identity systems?   Yes. Yes. And yes.


The best way to connect with the next savvy, social generation?

Hire them.


Photo: Zac Fox